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        Shanghai shenri Printing Ink Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Jinshan No. 2 Industrial Zone, covering an area of more than 20000 square meters. Jinshan No. 2 industrial zone is a professional chemical park specially approved by Shanghai municipal government. Our company is also one of the only ink manufacturers in Shanghai. We always persist in scientific management and keep pace with the times; Serve customers, explore the market, continue to grow and become one of the famous ink manufacturers at home and abroad,Shanghai shenri Printing Ink Co., Ltd. has also become a well-known brand in the printing industry.

        • 1996years

          Originally established

        • 3Hundred million

          Current fixed assets

        • 270+

          Current staff

        • 20+

          Professional ink technical personnel



        Good enough is more professional

        We are playing an important role in these industry productsFor their products to be more competitive in color display。

        We produce all kinds of offset printing inks, including high and medium quality Shenri series offset printing inks, economical Guohua series offset printing inks, various spot color offset printing inks, UV offset printing inks, Heat-Set Web Offset Ink and Cold-Set Web offset inks, etc. Our products are suitable for printing packaging,advertisment,label,high-quality brochures and decorating products on art paper,coating paper,offset paper,cardboard ,etc,especially suitable for medium and high-speed printing.

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        Good enough is more professional


        Good enough is more professional

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